Mark Francis

About the artist:
Marvin (Mark) Francis - Born 1960. Mark Francis lived in Kentucky where he endured a traumatic and abusive childhood, drug addiction in his youth, to a horrible and desperate decision in 1986 that left a man dead. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. A prison art teacher introduced Mark to a whole new world as well as a survival technique that came more out of instinct than design. Mark was released from prison in 2004. As a self-taught toilet paper mâché sculpture and painter he is now focused on wildlife. For more information about Marvin (Mark) Francis, visit his website: marvinfrancismaninacage.com

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Artist: Mark Francis
Title: UK Wildcat
Size: 3"X4"
Price: $600
Item#: MF006OR
Medium: Paper Mache and other materials

Artist: Mark Francis
Title: Kentucky Wildcats
Size: L 25.5" W 30" D 8"
Price: $3,600
Item #: MF009OR
Medium: Papier mache & other media