Antique Artifacts

Title: Goofus Glass Vase
Size: 9"x15.75"
Price: $45
Item #: AA001

Title: Pair Antique French Hand Painted Porcelain Vases
Size: 9"x17"
Price: $1400
Item #: AA002

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Butterfly Tray"
Size: 11.75"
Price: $85
Item #: AA003OR
Medium: Copper

Artist: Unknown
Title: "The Fisherman" 1883
Size: 16.5"x20"
Price: $745
Item #: AA005
Medium: Oil

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Lighthouse"
Size: 28.25"x43.25"
Price: $1275
Item #: AA006
Medium: Oil

Artist: M. Orthez
Title: "Horizontal Ships"
Size: 27.5"x39.5"
Price: $775
Item #: AA008
Medium: Oil

Artist: Unknown
Title: Soapstone Relief Sculpture
Size: 9.5"x10.5"
Price: $75
Item #: AA009
Medium: Soapstone

Artist: Unknown
Title: Silver Madonna and Child
Size: 10.5"x12"
Price: $295
Item #: AA011

Title: Crystal Bowl
Size: 8.5"x13.5"
Price: $45
Item #: AA012
Medium: Crystal

Title: Mikasa Heart Bowl
Size: 1.5"x8.5"
Price: $24
Item #: AA014
Medium: Crystal

Title: Alabaster Club Bookend
Size: 6.5"x8.5"
Price: $45
Item #: AA019
Medium: Alabaster

Title: Romanian Crystal Decanter
Size: 2"x14"
Price: $65
Item #: AA021
Medium: Crystal

Title: Mikasa Garden Splendor Vase
Size: 4"x9.5"
Price: $65
Item #: AA022
Medium: Crystal

Title: Red Bird Goofus Glass Vase
Size: 4.5"x12"
Price: $85
Item #: AA023
Medium: Glass

Title: Goofus Glass Vase
Size: 3"x9.5"
Price: $65
Item #: AA024
Medium: Glass

Title: Crystal Lenox Bride and Groom Figurine Ornament, 2003
Size: 2"x5"
Price: $18
Item #: AA026
Medium: Glass

Title: Brass and Ivory Vase
Size: 4"x8"
Price: $65
Item #: AA027
Medium: Brass and Ivory

Title: Green Circle Vases
Size: 3.5"x9.5"
Price: $56
Item #: AA032

Title: Red and Blue Vase
Size: 4"x8"
Price: $34
Item #: AA033
Medium: Brass

Artist: Sadek
Title: Andrea by Sadek Figurine
Size: 3"x8.5"
Price: $38
Item #: AA039

Artist: Plockhorst
Title: "The Good Shepherd" Original Print
Size: 19"x24"
Price: $45
Item #:: AA041
Medium: Print

Title: "The Last Supper" Circa. 1960
Size: 13"x19"
Item #: AA044
Medium: Plaster

Title: "Immaculate Heart Of Mary"
Size: 6"x15"
Price: $145
Item #: AA046OR
Medium: Fiberglass Resin

Title: Russian South Ural Painting
Size: 11"x13"
Price: $129
Medium: Sand and Stone & Solid Marble
Item #: AA051

Artist: Cornelius Coning
"Benediction of Jacob" 1830
Size: 19"x20"
Price: $345
Item #: AA056
Medium: Black Ink on Wove Paper

Artist: William Hamilton
Title: "Esther Accusing Haman"
Size: 19.5"x23"
Price: $345
Item #: AA057
Medium: Black Ink on Wove Paper

Artist: Deltesfen
Title: "Happy Days"
Size: 24"x48"
Price: $120
Item #: AA058
Medium: Textured Mounted on Board

Artist: Ethel M. Mallinson
Title: "Still Life with Flowers"
Size: 22"x25"
Price: $650
Item #: AA059
Medium: Watercolor

Artist: J.F. Smith
Title: "Still Life with Fruit"
Size: 19"x23"
Price: $275
Item #: AA060
Medium: Oil

Artist: Edouard Vuillard
Title: "Le Salon Aux Clayes"
Size: 21.37"x24.75"
Price: $275
Item #: AA061
Medium: Lithograph

Artist: Paul Cezanne
Title: "Still Life with Ink pot"
Size: 24.5"x29.5"
Price: $485
Item #: AA062
Medium: Lithograph

Title: "Rostand Sweden Carl XVI Gustav 1976 Blue & White Collectible Wall Plate"
Price: $17.50
Item #: AA066
Medium: Ceramic

Title: "Blue & White Porcelain Colonial Figurine""
Size: 5"x10"
Price: $34
Item #: AA067
Medium: Porcelain

Title: "Blue & White Porcelain Swanboat Figurine""
Size: 8"x9"
Price: $34
Item #: AA068
Medium: Porcelain

Title: "Delft Blue Hot Plate"
Size: 7"x9"
Price: $15.75
Item #: AA069
Medium: Ceramic

Artist: Anthonie Wierix
Title: "Jesus Teaching"
Size: 19.5"x23"
Price: $345
Item #: AA071
Medium: Black Ink on Laid Paper

Artist: D. Thompson
Title: "Breakfast Setting" 1974
Size: 21"x25"
Price: $485
Item #: AA072
Medium: Oil

Artist: Salvador Dali
Title: "To The Empyrean"
Size: 18.5"x20.75"
Price: $475
Item #: AA076
Medium: Color Woodblock Engraving

Title: S. Kirk & Son Inc. Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cup
Size: 3.25"x3.75"
3.644 Troy Ounces
Price: $175
Item #: AA078

Title: Fischer Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cup
Size: 3.25"x3.75"
3.644 Troy Ounces
Item #: AA079

Title: Fischer Sterling Silver Mint Cup
Size: 3.5"x3.12"
3.644 Troy Ounces
Price: $150
Item #: AA080

Title: Benjamin Trees Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cup 1950
Size: 3.75"x3.12"
4.43 Troy Ounces
Price: $650
Item #: AA081

Title: George Jensen Style Bowl Marked Sterling Sterling Stieff 1956
Price: $675
Item #: AA082

Title: Antique English Cabinet Plate, England
Size: 9"x9"
Price: $145
Item #: AA083

Title: Germany Prussia Pink Floral Cabinet Plate
Size: 9.75"x10"
Price: $120
Item #: AA084

Title: Pink Floral Beaded Cabinet Plate
Size: 10"x10.75"
Price: $115
Item #: AA085

Title: Lefton China Figurines
Size: 3"x9"
Price: $65
Item #: AA086

Title: Ucagco Japan Ceramics Figurines
Size: 5"x10"
Price: $58
Item #: AA087

Title: Vintage Fenton White Milk Glass Hobnail Cat Shoe
Size: 1.5"x5.5"3"
Price: $9.75
Item #: AA088

Artist: Jean- François Millet
Title: "The Angelus" circa early 1900's
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $135
Item#: AA089

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Down By The Watermill"
Size: 19.5"x35.75"
Price: $315
Item#: AA090

Title: Large Winged Maiden
Size: 14"x12"x17"
Price: $311.50
Item #: AA098

Artist: Hieronymus Wierix
Title: "Fourth Sunday of Advert"
Size: 19.5"x22.75"
Price: $345
Item #: AA099
Medium: Original Engraving

Title: Large Blue Overlay Ewer with Amber Twisted Handle
Size: 5"x13"
Price: $124
Item #: AA102

Title: Vintage Fisherman Figures
Size: Man: 11.75" Woman: 10.75"
Price: $58
Item #: AA103

Title: Vintage Wooden Bread Box with Vintage Sticker
Size: Front: 6" Back: 11"x15.25" Deep: 7.5"
Price: $65
Item #: AA109

Title: Vintage Nutcracker Cast Iron with Soldier 1
Size: 2.5"x5.5"
Price: $70
Item #: AA110

Title: Vintage Nutcracker Cast Iron with Soldier 2
Size: 2.5"x5.5"
Price: $70
Item #: AA111

Title: Vintage Hand Painted Nippon Large Floral Sugar/Biscuit Bowl with Lid
Size: 5.5"x7"
Price: $84
Item #: AA114

Title: Antique Ornate Blue Floral Bowl
Size: 2.5"x10.5"
Price: $95
Item #: AA115

Title: Antique Ornate Green Floral Bowl I
Size: 2.5"x10.5"
Price: $95
Item #: AA116

Title: Antique Ornate Green Floral Bowl II
Size: 2.5"x10.5"
Price: $95
Item #: AA117

Title: Antique Ornate Pink Floral Bowl
Size: 2.5"x10.5"
Price: $95
Item #: AA118

Title: RGK Celebrate Blue & White Plate - Made in Czechoslovakia (Quantity 2)
Size: 11"x11"
Price: $45 (Each)
Item #: AA119

Title: The Nelson Rockefeller Collection Vista Alegre - Made in Portugal
Size: 10.5"x10.5"
Price: $185
Item #: AA120

Title: Antique Victorian Gold Letter Holder
Size: 5.25"x7"
Price: $80
Item #: AA124

Title: Vintage Wilton Cast Iron Amish Trivet
Size: 5.5"x8.75"
Price: $18
Item #: AA125

Title: Antique Landers Frary & Clark Universal Iron E-902
Size: 4"x7"x4.5"
Price: $45
Item #: AA126

Title: Vintage Old Metal Oil Can Dispenser
Size: 4.5"x8.5"
Price: $45
Item #: AA127

Title: Vintage 1970s Copper Oil Derrick/Oil Well Pump Music Box, Doesn't Work
Size: 9.5"x5"x10"
Price: $22
Item #: AA130

Title: Vintage Whiskey Decanter with lid, Wide Bottom, Federal Law Forbids Sale or Resale 1955-1960
Size: 7"x7"
Price: $30
Item #: AA131

Title: Antique Medieval Russian Soldier Nesting Doll, Wooden, Only 1
Size: 3.5"x11"
Price: $45
Item #: AA132

Title: Vintage Solid Brass Vase Floral Engraved, India
Size: 2.5"x10"
Price: $10
Item #: AA133

Title: Heavy Free Standing Decorative Cast Iron Cross
Size: 4.25"x6.5"
Price: $24
Item #: AA136

Title: Antique White Metal Kitchen Rack with Chicken Figure
Size: 4.5"x12.5"
Price: $65
Item #: AA138

Title: Half-Rounded Small Wooden Box with Latch
Size: 6.75"x7"x12" Inside: 3.5"x5.75"x11"
Price: $28
Item #: AA139

Title: Vintage 60s/70s Hand Carved Wooden Cake Stand
Size: 5"x12" /12"
Price: $125
Item #: AA140

Title: 27" Vintage Small Pearls Long Necklace
Size: 27"
Price: $24
Item #: AA141

Title: Clear Glass 1930s Floral Cake Plate Scalloped Rim - Three Feet
Size: 0.5"x11.5"
Price: $18
Item #: AA142

Title: 1940s Pioneer Green Federal Glass Sawtooth Crimped Round Fruit Bowl
Size: 11.25"x11.25"x1.5"
Price: $38
Item #: AA143

Title: Vintage Duchin Creation Sterling Silver Weighted Salt & Pepper Shakers
Size: 1.75"x4"
Price: $37.50
Item #: AA144

Title: Dark Amber Glass Liquor Decanter & Shot Glasses with Wooden Storage Rack
Size: Decanter: 3"x6.5" / Glasses: 1.5"x2.5" / Rack: 8"x10.5"
Price: $60
Item #: AA145

Murano Glass

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Light Blue Sitting Deer Figurine/Paperweight
Size: 2.75"x6"x5"
Price: $89
Item #: MG004

Title: Vintage Murano Glass 1960s Archimede Seguso Easter Bunny Rabbit Figurine
Size: 1.75"x3.75"x5.25"
Price: $115
Item #: MG006

Title: Vintage Murano Glass 1960s Italian Art Green & Gold Angel Figurine
Size: 1.5"x2.75"x5"
Price: $268
Item #: MG007

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Red & Yellow Cockatoo Bird Figurine
Size: 3"x5"x9.5"
Price: $158
Item #: MG008

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Rare Puffer Fish Speckled Art Glass
Size: 5"x7"x7.25"
Price: $225
Item #: MG009

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Aquarium Small Paperweight, 1950s, Round
Size: 1.5"x3.5"x3.25"
Price: $120
Item #: MG010

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Dark Red and Yellow Vase with Overlay
Size: 3"x3"x8.25"
Price: $245
Item #: MG011

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Madonna Figurine, Sparkling Gold, "Glass of Venice"
Size: 2.5"x3.5"x12.25"
Price: $225
Item #: MG016

Title: Vintage Murano Glass Black Pink Latticino Swirl Ribbon Twist Chinese Figure
Size: 3.5"x3.5"x9.75"
Price: $235
Item #: MG017

Swarovski Crystal

Title: Swarovski Crystal Small Snail Figurine #7648 Nr. 30
Size: 1.5"
Price: $78
Item #: SC001

Title: Swarovski Crystal Small Squirrel Figurine, Variation 2
Size: 1.75"
Price: $85
Item #: SC002

Title: Swarovski Crystal Miniature Cat Figurine with Metal Tail, Retired Design
Size: 1.125"
Price: $35
Item #: SC003

Title: Swarovski Crystal Large Penguin Figurine
Size: 3.25"
Price: $89
Item #: SC006

Title: Swarovski Crystal Small Rabbit Figurine, #7625 NR 020, Retired Design
Size: 1.75"
Price: $38
Item #: SC007

Title: Swarovski Crystal Mother Duck & Ducklings Figurine, Vintage & Rare
Size: 1.75"
Price: $68
Item #: SC008

Title: Swarovski Crystal Mini Sparrow Figurine, Retired
Size: 1.25"
Price: $38
Item #: SC009

Title: Swarovski Crystal Small Teddy Bear Figurine
Size: 1.825"
Price: $89
Item #: SC011

Title: Swarovski Crystal Mallard Duck Variation 1 Figurine, Retired & Rare
Size: 3.5" Long
Price: $85
Item #: SC012

Title: Swarovski Crystal Small Koala Bear Figurine Facing Right, Retired
Size: 1.75"
Price: $58
Item #: SC013

Waterford Crystal

Title: Waterford Crystal Wheel
Size: 5"x5"
Price: $85
Item #: WC001

Title: Waterford Crystal Colleen Small Stemmed Water Goblet
Size: 2.5"x2.5"x6.5"
Price: $98
Item #: WC003

Title: Waterford Crystal Claria Champagne Flute Glass
Size: 3"x3"x9.25"
Price: $45
Item #: WC004

Title: Waterford Crystal Maeve Continental Champagne Flute Glass
Size: 3"x3"x7"
Price: $94
Item #: WC005

Title: Waterford Crystal Carina Champagne Flute Glass
Size: 2.75"x2.75"x8.325"
Price: $85
Item #: WC007

Title: Waterford Crystal Laurel Champagne Flute Glass
Size: 2.75"x2.75"x9.25"
Price: $75
Item #: WC009

Title: Waterford Crystal Kirin Tall Goblet
Size: 2.825"x2.825"x8.25"
Price: $58
Item #: WC010

Title: Waterford Crystal Powerscourt Claret Wine Goblet
Size: 3"x3"x7.5"
Price: $78
Item #: WC012

Title: Waterford Crystal Kirin Iced Beverage Goblet
Size: 3.25"x3.25"x8.25"
Price: $89
Item #: WC013

Title: Waterford Crystal Seahorse Champagne Flute Glass
Size: 2.325"x2.325"x8.825"
Price: $115
Item #: WC014

Title: Waterford Crystal Simple Design Small Tall Wine Glass
Size: 2.825"x2.825"x8.825"
Price: $58
Item #: WC015

Title: Waterford Crystal Diamond Cut Design Candy Bowl
Size: 5"x5"x2.75"
Price: $45
Item #: WC018

Title: Waterford Crystal Wine Glass Set
Size: 3"x3"x9"
Price: $85
Item #: WC019

Title: Waterford Crystal Champagne Tall Sherbet Glass
Size: 4"x4.25"
Price: $35
Item #: WC020

Title: Waterford Crystal Killeen Cut Glass Crystal Bowl
Size: 10"x10"x6.25"
Price: $110
Item #: WC021

Vintage Pocket Watches

Title: Vintage Elgin Closed Pocket Watch, 9818998, Floral Engraved Design
Size: 1.75"x2.5"
Price: $289
Item #: PW002
Notes: Still works, Front cover springs open, Needs to be cleaned and oiled

Title: Vintage Elgin Closed Pocket Watch, 8032924, Engraved Design, 25 Year Guaranteed
Size: 1.75"x2.5"
Price: $285
Item #: PW003
Notes: Still works, No glass on face, Needs to be cleaned and oiled

Title: Vintage Waltham Closed Pocket Watch, 8708205, Engraved Design
Size: 1.825"x2.75"
Price: $385
Item #: PW004
Notes: Still works, Needs to be cleaned and oiled

Title: Vintage Elgin open Pocket Watch, Engraced Design on Back, 20 Year Warranty
Size: 1.825"x2.75"
Price: $295
Item #: PW005
Notes: Still works, Needs to be cleaned and oiled

Title: Vintage American Waltham Watch Co. Open Pocket Watch, Engraved Design
Size: 2"x3"
Price: $345
Item #: PW006
Notes: Still works, Needs to be cleaned and oiled

Title: Vintage Hampden Watch Co Rolled Gold Open Pocket Watch, Engraved Monogram
Size: 1.75"x2.5"
Price: $365
Item #: PW007
Notes: Still works, Needs to be cleaned and oiled

Title: Vintage Hamilton Watch Co. Rolled Gold Open Pocket Watch, Engraved on back - Rubbed Off
Size: 1.825"x2.5"
Price: $385
Item #: PW008
Notes: Still works, Needs to be cleaned and oiled