Artist: Becca Barton
Title: "Christmas Eve Visit"
Size: 8"X10"
Price: $12
Item#: CH002RP

Artist: Susan Cornish
Title: "Santa Giving Gifts"
Size: 12"X16"
Price: $23
Item#: CH003RP

Artist: Susan Cornish
Title: "Santa Going Down the Chimney"
Size: 20"X28"
Price: $35
Item#: CH004RP

Artist: Richard Macneil
Title: "Santa and Sleigh"
Size: 17.5"X20"
Price: $59
Item#: CH005RP

Artist: Richard Macneil
Title: "Santa by Fire"
Size: 12"X24"
Price: $43
Item#: CH006RP

Artist: Debbie Kingston Baker
Title: "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day"
Size: 10x10
Price: $8
Item#: CH007RP

Artist: Gay Talbott-Boassy
Title: "First Christmas"
Size: 10"X14"
Price: $12
Item#: CH008RP

Artist: Barbie Tidwell
Title: "Yuletide Santa"
Size: 9"X13"
Price: $14
Item#: CH009RP

Artist: Marilyn Gandre
Title: Santa's Great Book
Size: 10"x11"
Price: $12
Item#: CH010RP

Artist: Teresa Kegul
Title: "Snowmen"
Size: 10"X10"
Price: $14
Item#: CH011RP

Artist: Debby Stewart
Title: "Glimpse of the Season"
Size: 10"X12"
Price: $12
Item#: CH012RP