Artist: Juarez Machado
Title: "Atelier in Paris"
Size: 24"X32"
Price: $30
Item#: MI001RP

Artist: Bradley Schmehl
Title: "Bedlam in the Brickyard" 520/950
Size: 25"x34.5"
Price: $195
Item#: MI002RP

Artist: Bonnie Mohr
Title: "Bless America's Heroes"
Size: 18"x24"
Price: $32
Item#: MI003RP

Artist: Charles Fregitag
Title: "Breaking It Down" 281/950
Size: 20.5"X27"
Price: $75
Item#: MI004RP

Artist: Marvin Francis
Title: "Buster Head"
Size: 19"X25"
Price: $45
Item#: MI005RP

Artist: Bradley Schmehl
Title: "Collapse of the Peach Orchard Line" 520/950
Size: 25"x35"
Price: $195
Item#: MI006RP

Artist: Juarez Muchado
Title: "Dreaming"
Size: 24"X32"
Price: $30
Item#: MI007RP

Artist: Ron DiCianni
Title: "No Greater Love" 368/15000
Size: 22"x28"
Price: $150
Item#: MI009RP

Artist: Jim Gets
Title: "Night Call" 1366/2000
Size: 12.5"X26.5"
Price: $60
Item#: MI010RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "The Space Shuttle Adventure"
Size: 22"X28"
Price: $25
Item#: MI011RP

Artist: Kayla Boekman
Title: "Let Freedom Ring I"
Size: 13"X19"
Price: $30
Item#: MI012RP

Artist: Robert L. Conely
Title: "Natural Healing" 1202/3000
Size: 18"X24"
Price: $25
Item#: MI013RP

Artist: W. G. Jackman (portrait)
Artist: John R. Chapin (border design)
Title: General Stonewall Jackson
Size: 18"X26"
Price: $65
Item#: MI014RP

Artist: Juarez Machado
Title: "Café Florian"
Size: 26.5"x32.5"
Price: $435
Item#: MI015RP

Artist: Rita A. Karr
Title: "No Greater Love" 295/1000
Size: 20"X24.5"
Price: $50
Item#: MI017RP

Artist: Euripides Kastaris
Title: "Olympic Spirit"
Size: 23.5"X31.5"
Price: $25
Item#: MI019RP

Artist: Richard Hall
Title: "Glorious Memory"
Size: 23.5"X31.5"
Price: $48
Item#: MI020RP

Artist: Rossana Petrillo
Title: "Raggi Di Luna"
Size: 12"X27"
Price: $48
Item#: MI021RP

Artist: Richard Luce
Title: "Son of Defiance"
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $80
Item#: MI022RP

Artist: Will Rafuse
Title: "Jean Pierre"
Size: 11.25"X19.5"
Price: $28
Item#: MI023RP

Artist: Andrew Wyeth
Title: "Early October"
Size: 13.25"x17"
Price: $20
Item#: MI026RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Legacy"
Size: 24"x36"
Price: $40
Item#: MI027RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Transitions"
Size: 24"x36"
Price: $40
Item#: MI028RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Birds of a Feather"
Size: 27"x30"
Price: $645
Item #: M031PR

Artist: Fedrick Robert
Title: "Market Place" *bent corner*
Size: 17"x25"
Price: $18
Item#: M032RP

Artist: Dau Day
Title: "Race Day"
Size: 20"x30"
Price: $350
Item#: M033RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Tony Stewart "Images In Motion" Home Depot Hologram Print"
Size: 16"x20"
Price: $25
Item#: M034RP