Artist: Dona Gelsinger
Title: "An Angel's Care"
Size: 13"X17"
Price: $15
Item#: CH001RP

Artist: Ron Dicianni
Title: "Angel's Unseen"
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $35
Item#: CH002RP

Artist: Nancy Lee
Title: "Elephant and Owl With Umbrella" Size: 12"X12"
Price: $18
Item#: CH003RP

Artist: Nancy Lee
Title: "Elephant With Birds"
Size: 12"X12"
Price: $18
Item#: CH004RP

Artist: Noel
Title: "Emma"
Size: 16"X19"
Price: 35
Item#: CH005RP

Artist: Mark Arian
Title: "Fishing at Sunset"
Size: 13"X17"
Price: $15
Item#: CH006RP

Artist: Charles Freitag
Title: "Old Time Service" 523/1250 s/n
Size: 19"X26"
Price: $95
Item#: CH007RP

Artist: Doug Kruston
Title: "Patiently Waiting"
Size: 15"X19"
Price: $15
Item#: CH008RP

Artist: Judith Ballerino
Title: "Samatha With Teddy"
Size: 13"X17"
Price: $20
Item#: CH009RP

Artist: Richard Judson Zolan
Title: "The Antique Doll"
Size: 13"X17"
Price: $15
Item#: CH010RP

Artist: Robert Duncan
Title: "The Magic Hour"
Size: 20"X24"
Price: $33
Item#: CH011RP

Artist: C. Don Ensor
Title: "Toy Trains and Horse"
Size: 16.5"X22"
Price: $50
Item#: CH012RP

Artist: Peter Quidley
Title: "Love Light"
Size: 24"X24"
Price: $32
Item#: CH014RP

Artist: Charles Freitag
Title: "Old Time Service" signed
Size: 19"X13"
Price: $20
Item#: CH015RP

Artist: Melinda Byers
Title: "Practice Makes Perfect"
Size: 20"x24"
Price: $22
Item#: CH016RP

Artist: Melinda Byers
Title: "A Brother's Love"
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $20
Item#: CH018RP

Artist: Nancy Noel
Title: "The Silver Tale"
Size: 21.5"X22.5"
Price: $30
Item#: CH019RP

Artist: Rose Kennedy
Title: "Baby Animal Alphabet"
Size: 8"X26"
Price: $24
Item#: CH020RP

Artist: Ruane Manning
Title: "Bless Our Home"
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $12.50
Item#: CH021RP

Artist: Susan Brecht
Title: "Mirror Image"
Size: 19"X25"
Price: $30
Item#: CH022RP

Artist: M.P.
Title: "Noah's Ark"
Size: 22"X28"
Price: $25
Item#: CH023RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Peaceable Kingdom"
Size: 19"X25.5"
Price: $25
Item#: CH024RP

Artist: Donna Heath Brooks
Title: "In His Care IV"
Size: 14"X18"
Price: $25
Item#: CH025RP

Artist: Donna Brooks
Title: "Can We Keep Them All?"
Size: 20"X24"
Price: $30
Item#: CH026RP

Artist: Marla
Title: "Grandma's Lap"
Size: 13"X17"
Price: $15
Item#: CH027RP

Artist: H. Mavruk
Title: "Marble Players"
Size: 17"X24"
Price: $20
Item#: CH028RP