Studio 105 works with local artists who are looking for commission work. These artists would love to work with you and make your photos or artistic ideas come to life in their artwork.

Do you have a family pet you would like to have painted? Artist Neely Herbig specializes in photo realistic paintings of animals and she would love to make your pet's photo come to life in a painting. Call (270)685-3958 for questions or price quotes.

Every photograph is special, but an artistic recreation of a photograph adds to the beauty of the subject. Artist Shelia "Jolly" Pence specializes in taking photographs and creating beautiful pastel portraits from them. Call (270)685-3958 for questions or price quotes.

Have a child, sibling, or favorite athlete you want to have painted playing their favorite sport? Artist Neely Herbig not only offers pet portraits, but she can also bring your favorite athlete to life in a painting from a simple photograph. Call (270)685-3958 for questions or price quotes.