The Only Time You'll Want to be Framed

The Only Time You'll Want to be Framed

Transform your treasured items into works of art in Owensboro, KY

Do you have some favorite possessions, photographs or portraits you'd like to put on display? Studio 105 Art & Frame can turn your photographs, degrees and other memorabilia into works of art. We find that design is a key component in the development of a custom frame. Bring your artwork to us and we will discuss the type of frame that will best fit your piece and come up with a design that will mesh with your space.

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3 reasons to have your frames custom-made

  1. Find the perfect fit - you don't have to modify the art that you buy or the photographs you print to fit standard dimensions. We can frame photos with unconventional aspect ratios and larger-than-life portraits.
  2. Complement your style - You want your art to stand out, not your frame. We can build a frame that will bring out the best in the work you want to display, while blending harmoniously with its surroundings.
  3. Preserve your prized possessions - no two pieces of art are the same. Whether you want to display a photograph, an oil painting, a university degree or a mixed-media collage, a professional framer will know how to best protect and present your treasured items.

Choose Studio 105 Art & Frame today to accentuate your works with custom framing.

Custom Framing Artwork