Artist: Ron Dicianni
Title: "Angels Unseen"
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $35
Item#: RE001RP

Artist: Richard Judson Zolan
Title: "Eternal Life"
Size: 13"x17"
Price: $25
Item#: MI002RP

Artist: Tom Dubois
Title: "Glory to God in the Highest" 1763
Size: 21"X28"
Price: $135
Item#: RE003RP

Artist: Doug Knuston
Title: "Our Daily Bread"
Size: 19"X25"
Price: $35
Item#: RE004RP

Artist: Tom Dubois
Title: "The Breath of Life" 2627/12500 s/n
Size: 24"X28"
Price: $175
Item#: RE005RP

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci
Title: "The Last Supper"
Size: 25"X44"
Price: $55
Item#: RE006RP

Artist: Tom Dubois
Title: "Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings" 1762
Size: 20"X24"
Price: 135
Item#: RE007RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Madonna of Carmen"
Size: 21"X27"
Price: $125
Item#: RE008RP

Artist: Karen David
Title: "The Lord's Prayer"
Size: 11"x14"
Price: $15
Item#: RE010RP

Artist: Karen David
Title: "The Ten Commandments"
Size: 11"x14"
Price: $15
Item#: RE011RP