Artist: C.M. Coolidge
Title: "A Friend in Need"
Size: 19"X25"
Price: $25
Item#: AN001RP

Artist: Ron Burns
Title: "Air Force One"
Size: 18"X24"
Price: $28
Item#: AN002RP

Artist: Dean Russo
Title: "Beware of Pit Bulls" Size: 11"X14"
Price: $18
Item#: AN003RP

Artist: Nancy Lee
Title: "Cowboy Owl on Horse:
Size: 12"X12" Item#: AN004RP

Artist: Ron Burns
Title: "Dog About Town"
Size: 18"X24"
Price: $28
Item#: AN005RP

Artist: Nancy Lee
Title: "Elephant and Owl With Umbrella" Size: 12"X12"
Price: $18
Item#: AN006RP

Artist: Nancy Lee
Title: "Elephant With Birds"
Size: 12"X12"
Price: $18

Artist: Alan Hunt
Title: "Mallards"
Size: 19.5"X25"
Price: $75
Item#: AN008RP

Artist: I. Shrishkin
Title: "Morning in a Pine Forest" Size: 25"X30"
Price: $35
Item#: AN009RP

Artist: Robert Duncan
Title: "Mr. Churchill's Farm"
Size: 20.5"X24.5"
Price: $33
Item#: AN010RP

Artist: Jeanie Kittinger
Title: "Puppy Hunting
Size: 16"X20"
Price: $45
Item#: AN011RP

Artist: Lynn Kaatz
Title: "Ready to Hunt"
Size: 17"X23"
Price: $30
Item#: AN012RP

Artist: Jeremy Paul
Title: "Serengeti Lion"
Size: 23"X31"
Price: $35
Item#: AN013RP

Artist: William Holbrook Beard
Title: The Bulls and Bears in the Market"
Size: 27"x36"
Price: $43
Item#: AN014RP

Artist: Michael Lieve
Title: "Passing Herd-Bison"
Size: 20"X34"
Price: $135
Item#: AN015RP

Artist: Charles Frace
Title: "Treasures of Africa"
Size: 27.5"X27.5"
Price: $165
Item#: AN016RP

Artist: Alan M. Hunt
Title: "Vixen And Friend"
Size: 22"X31"
Price: $125
Item#: AN017RP

Artist: Charles Frace
Title: "Wings Over American"
Size: 27.5"X27.5"
Price: $165
Item#: AN018RP

Artist: E. B. Quigley
Title: “Saboteurs”
Size: 9"x12"
Price: $7.50
Item#: AN019RP

Artist: Edmund Osthais
Title: "Three Champions
Size: 9"X12"
Price: $7.50
Item#: AN020RP