Michael-Paul Johnston

Evansville, Indiana

Michael-Paul began his art career at the age of 4 scribbling and drawing cartoons and cars. Later, he developed a passion for speed drawing various styles of buildings as well as his father's custom homes that were being built. He wanted to become an architect.
Many years later, Michael-Paul began to explore the possibilities of oil and acrylics on canvas.
He infuses his passion for abstract expressionism and 30 plus years of building and remodeling skill to create timeless one-of-a-kind pieces. With his unique and creative edge, Michael-Paul strives to challenge himself with rare tool and material to bend the boundaries of traditional art normalcy. Each piece exemplifies that deep connection and struggle that creativity insinuates-the bond between the creator and the created.
Michael-Paul's utmost mission is to bring an overwhelming flow of emotions to the viewer while being captivated by his works.

Artist: Michael-Paul Johnston
Title: "Summer's End"
Size: 28.5"x28.5"
Price: $595
Item #: MJ001OR
Medium: Oil on Repurposed Canvas

Artist: Michael-Paul Johnston
Title: "Solstice"
Size: 26.5"x38.5"
Price: $734
Item #: MJ002OR
Medium: Oil

Artist: Michael-Paul Johnston
Title: "When Rain Takes Root"
Size: 39.825"x49.5"
Price: $1,375
Item #: MJ003OR
Medium: Acrylic