Justin Johnson

From Evansville, IN. Justin started painting when he was very young. He enjoyed watercolors and sketching on his school assignments. He continued painting through high-school using acrylic and oils. Through his studies at the Art Institute of Indianapolis, and museum visits, Justin discovered artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and many of the Renaissance and landscape painters.

Justin has described his art in the same fashion as Edward Hopper, " if you can say it in words, you wouldn't need to paint!"

Justin's creative process comes from nature, life, everyday things, to even political. He is very passionate about painting, and shows his love with every brush stroke. Future goals would be to never seek fulfillment, and always strive to achieve more!

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Artist: Justin Johnson
Title: "The Mexican Blanket"
Size: 18"X24"
Item#: JJ001OR
Medium: Oil on Wood

Artist: Justin Johnson
Title: "Summer Breeze"
Size: 17.25"x23.75"
>Item#: JJ002OR
Medium: Oil on Linen Mounted Panel

Artist: Justin Johnson
Title: "Cotton Candy Skies"
Size: 13"x16"
Price: $359
Item#: JJ003OR
Medium: Oil

Artist: Justin Johnson
Title: "Sunset over the Ohio"
Size: 8"x8"
Price: $119
Item#: JJ004OR
Medium: Oil

Artist: Justin Johnson
Title: "Blooming Fields"
Size: 16.25"x19.25"
Price: $389
Item#: JJ005OR
Medium: Oil

Artist: Justin Johnson
Title: "Nature's Nightfall"
Size: 22.125"x28.125"
Price: $579
Item#: JJ006OR
Medium: Oil