Artist: Menad Mirkovich
Title: "Good Memories"
Size: 26"X32"
Price: $150
Item#: FI004RP

Artist: Bill Brauser
Title: "Harvest Moon"
Size: 14"X20"
Price: $26
Item#: FI005RP

Artist: Pamela Handson
Title: "London 1989"
Size: 24"X32"
Price: $15
Item#: FI007RP

Artist: Lobo
Title: "Marilyn Monroe"
Size: 24"X26"
Price: $40
Item#: FI009RP

Artist: Jack Vettriano
Title: "Missing Man"
Size: 24"X32"
Price: $43
Item#: FI010RP

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Title: "Mona Lisa"
Size: 24"x32"
Price: $54
Item#: FI011RP

Artist: Lamy Steynamity
Title: "Mother's Love" 50/199
Price: $120
Item#: FI012RP

Artist: Mario Sergio
Title: "Out for Shopping
Size: 24"X32"
Price: $46
Item#: FI013RP

Artits: Bill Brauer
Title: "Tango Dancers"
Size: 21"X39"
Price: $35
Item#: FI017RP

Artist: Peter Quidley
Title: "Love Light"
Size: 24"X24"
Price: $32
Item#: FI019RP

Artist: Harrison Rucker
Title: "Place of Dreams"
Size: 28"X34"
Price: $34
Item#: FI020RP

Artist: Laurie Snow Hein
Title: "Someday I'll Have Toe Shoes"
Size: 21"X25"
Price: $45
Item#: FI021RP

Artist: Irving Ramsey Wiles
Title: "The Sonata"
Size: 24"X37"
Price: $32
Item#: FI022RP

Artist: Dan Poulin
Title: "Two Girls on a Park Bench" 126/575
Size: 24"X32"
Price: $135
Item#: FI023RP

Artist: Daniel F. Gerhartz
Title: "Lilacs" 26/195
Size: 29.5"X41"
Price: $800
Item#: FI024RP

Artist: Melinda Byers
Title: "Practice Makes Perfect"
Size: 20"x24"
Price: $22
Item#: FI026RP

Artist: Melinda Byers
Title: "A Brother's Love"
Size: 16"x20"Price: $20
Item#: FI028RP

Artist: Nancy Noel
Title: "The Silver Tale"
Size: 21.5"X22.5"
Price: $30
Item#: FI029RP

Artist: Susan Brecht
Title: "Mirror Image"
Size: 19"X25"
Price: $30
Item#: FI030RP

Artist: Lydia Field Emmet
Title: "Miss Ginnie and Polly"
Size: 22"X28"
Price: $75
Item#: FI032RP

Artist: Scott Westmoreland
Title: "Big Kahuna"
Size: 24"X30"
Price: $25
Item#: FI033RP

Artist: E.M. Chicama
Title: "Cocktail Ladies" 42/125
Size: 29"X38"
Price: $165
Item#: FI034RP

Artist: E.M. Chicama
Title: "Cocktail Ladies" 22/125
Size: 29"X38"
Price: $185
Item#: FI035RP

Artist: Paul Kelley
Title: "On the Edge of the World"
Size: 27"X29"
Price: $43
Item#: FI037RP

Artist: Brenda Joysmith
Title: "Part of Growing"
Size: 18"X24"
Price: $22
Item#: FI038RP

Artist: L. Gordon
Title: "Garden of Melody" S/N 299/550
Size: 31"X40"
Price: $219
Item#: FI040RP

Artist: Camille Léopold Cabaillot Lassalle
Title: "At The Birdsellers" 1873
Size: 24"x30"
Price: $30
Item#: FI043RP

Artist: Briton Riviere
Title: "Sympathy"
Size: 23.875"x28.25"
Price: $35
Item#: FI044RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Girl In A Field"
Size: 23.875"x35.75"
Price: $35
Item#: FI045RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "Portrait Of A Woman"
Size: 24"x29.5"
Price: $35
Item#: FI047RP

Artist: Unknown
Title: "A Biscuit For The Puppy"
Size: 19.875"x26"
Price: $25
Item#: FI048RP

Artist: Sir Thomas Lawrence
Title: "Pinkie (Sarah Barrett Moulton)"
Size: 15.5"x23"
Price: $18
Item#: FI051RP

Artist: Rob Hefferan
Title: "The First Kiss"
Size: 27.25"x37.25"
Price: $45
Item#: FI055RP

Artist: Dau Day
Title: "Race to the Finish Line"
Size: 24"x60"
Price: $489
Item#: FI057RP

Artist: Jim Daly
Title: "Left Out" 166/1500
Size: 13.5"x16"
Price: $125
Item#: FI058RP

Artist: David Gonzalez
Title: "My Old Lady"
Size: 10.5"x14.5"
Price: $24
Item#: FI061RP

Artist: Luis Royo
Title: "2,000 Questions"
Size: 10.125"x15.25"
Price: $15.75
Item#: FI062RP

Artist: Luis Royo
Title: "Oxide"
Size: 10.125"x15.25"
Price: $15.75
Item#: FI063RP

Artist: Luis Royo
Title: "Tattoo n' Veil"
Size: 10.125"x15.25"
Price: $15.75
Item#: FI064RP

Artist: Luis Royo
Title: Tattoo Poster
Size: 10.125"x15.25"
Price: $15.75
Item#: FI065RP

Artist: Luis Royo
Title: Tattoo Poster
Size: 10.125"x15.25"
Price: $15.75
Item#: FI066RP

Artist: Luis Royo
Title: Tattoo Poster
Size: 10.125"x15.25"
Price: $15.75
Item#: FI067RP

Artist: Jennie Brownscombe
Title: "Berry Pickers"
Size: 24.5"x35.25"
Price: $385
Item#: FI068RP