Artist: Ginette Racette
Title: "Evening Outing"
Size: 24"X31.5"
Price: $68
Item#: CL002RP

Artist: Nenad Mirkovich
Title: "Good Memories" 44/750
Size: 26"X32"
Price: $150
Item#: CL003RP

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Title: "Mona Lisa"
Size: 24"x32"
Price: $54
Item#: CL005RP

Artist: Lamy Steynamity
Title: "Mother's Love" 50/199
Size: 21"X28"
Price: $120
Item#: CL006RP

Artist: John Atkinson Grimshaw
Title: "Summer"
Size: 25"X29"
Price: $35

Artist: William Adolph Bovguereau
Title: "The Birth Of Venus
Size: 24"X34"
Price: $30
Item#: CL009RP

Artist: Sherry Strickland
Title: "Two Palms"
Size: 24"X30"
Price: $38
Item#: CL010RP

Artist: John F. Francis
Title: "Luncheon Still Life"
Size: 24"X28"
Price: $30
Item#: CL011RP

Artist: Harrison Rucker
Title: "Place of Dreams"
Size: 28"X34"
Price: $34
Item#: CL012RP

Artist: Laurie Snow Hein
Title: "Someday I'll Have Toe Shoes" 303/1950 S/N
Size: 21"X25"
Price: $45
Item#: CL013RP

Artist: Irving Ramsey Wiles
Title: "The Sonata"
Size: 24"X37"
Price: $32
Item#: CL014RP

Artist: Judith Zimmers-Blinn
Title: "A Sunday Drive" 271/750
Size: 22"x36"
Price: $85
Item#: CL015RP

Artist: Howard Behrens
Title: "Palm Beach Flower Garden"
Size: 27"X36"
Price: $38
Item#: CL018RP

Artist: Richard Luce
Title: "End of an Era"
Size: 24"x30"
Price: $50
Item#: CL019RP

Artist: Carl Blechen
Title: "Interior of a Palm House"
Size: 33"X38"
Price: $58
Item#: CL020RP

Artist: Melinda Byers
Title: "Practice Makes Perfect"
Size: 20"x24"
Price: $22
Item#: CL021RP

Artist: Melinda Byers
Title: "A Brother's Love"
Size: 16"x20"
Price: $20
Item#: CL023RP

Artist: A.W. Bouguereau
Title: "Cupidon, 1891"
Size: 23.5"X39"
Price: $68
Item#: CL025RP

Artist: Juarez Macado
Title: "Cafe Florian"
Size: 26.5"x32.5"
Price: $435
Item#: CL026RP

Artist: Rhonda McEnroe
Title: "A Rocker For You And A Rocker For Me" S/N 126/500
Price: $65
Item #: CL027RP

Artist: Rhonda McEnroe
Title: "Yard Sale Treasures" S/N 482
Size: 12.5"X17.5"
Price: $65
Item #: CL028RP

Artist: John Trumbull
Title: "The Signing of the Declaration of Independence"
Size: 24"x36""
Price: $128
Item #: CL029RP

Artist: Salling Caldwell Fisher
Title: "Race Day At Newport"
Size: 25"x31"
Price: $45
Item#: CL030RP

Artist: Camille Léopold Cabaillot Lassalle
Title: "At The Birdsellers"
Size: 24"x30"
Price: $30
Item#: CL031RP

Artist: Jennie Brownscombe
Title: "Berry Pickers"
Size: 24.5"x35.25"
Price: $385
Item#: CL033RP