Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Educator, Gardener, Painter
Hi I'm Anna May, a watercolor/acrylic painter. I work primarily with watercolors using many layering techniques to create a softness of depth and texture. As a self-taught artist, my journey began 28 years ago while instructing students in drawing and sculpting. Their joy in creating inspired me to look for a medium that I could lose myself in. The luminescent quality of watercolor was just the ticket. Upon retiring several years ago, I began studying and painting daily. Gardening is a constant source of inspiration. The swaying blossoms on a breeze, shifting bursts of color in the morning light. Gentle hums of bees buzzing while gathering a cache of lavender soothes and inspires. Extending this wonderful season by pushing paint around to create renews my spirit. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The earth laughs in flowers." Thank you for joining me as I explore painting and the lightness of heart that it brings.

Artist: Anna May
Title: "Lotus Blossom Dreaming"
Size: 8"x8"
Price: $85
Item #: AM006OR
Medium: Watercolor

Artist: Anna May
Title: "Summer Bouquet"
Size: 16"x20"
Price: $155
Item #: AM008OR
Medium: Acrylic

Artist: Anna May
Title: "Summer Blooms"
Size: 10"x20" - 6"x18"
Price: $385
Item #: AM009OR
Medium: Oil