Artist: W. F. Mitchell
Title: ”A 38-Gun Frigate, about 1770”
Size: 21"x26.5"
Price: $34
Item#: WS001RP

Artist: Robin Renee Hix
Title: “Blue Wave Sound”
Size: 19"x24"
Price: $33
Item#: WS002RP

Artist: L. Gordon
Title: “Gentle Breezes” 143/1000
Size: 24"x30"
Price: $95
Item#: WS003RP

Artist: Howard Behrens
Title: “Hillside Villas”
Size: 27”X36”
Price: $38
Item#: WS004RP

Artist: Loren Adams
Title: “Islands at Eventide”
Size: 25.5"x36"
Price: $30
Item#: WS005RP

Artist: Howard Behrens
Title: “Mediterranean Colors”
Size: 16"x20"
Price $24
Item#: WS006RP

Artist: Peter Bell
Title: “Mediterranean Harbor II”
Size: 20"x26"
Price: $43
Item#: WS007RP

Artist: Sung Kim
Title: “Mediterranean Terrace”
Size: 24"x30"
Price: $37
Item#: WS008RP

Artist: Larry Dyke
Title: “Misty Paradise” S/N 127/1000
Size: 21"x36"
Price: $175
Item#: WS009RP

Artist: Marc Adamus
Title: “Ocean's Fury”
Size: 26"x36"
Price: $40
Item#: WS010RP

Artist: Robin Renee Hix
Title: “Sit, Stay & Relax”
Size: 19"x24”
Price: $33
Item#: WS013RP

Artist: Paulson
Title: “South Sea Isle”
Size: 25"x25"
Price: $39.50
Item#: WS014RP

Artist: James Lee
Title: “Sunrise Falls”
Size: 22"x28"
Price: $33
Item#: WS015RP

Artist: Adriano Galasso
Title: "Al Calar Del Sole"
Size: 28"X54.5"
Price: $95
Item#: WS016RP

Artist: Chuck Burdick
Title: "Radiant Dawn"
Size: 32"X47"
Price: $100
Item#: WS017RP

Artist: Greg Young
Title: “Waikiki Beach”
Size: 27"x40"
Price: $58
Item#: WS018RP

Artist: Rex Robinson
Title: "Ferry on the Green" 422/500
Size: 18"X24"
Price: $35
Item#: WS018RP

Artist: American Airways
Title: "Flying Over the Brooklyn Bridge"
Size: 20"X24"
Price: $25
Item#: WS019RP

Artist: Art Fronckosizk
Title: "French Reflections"
Size: 27"X31"
Price: $38
Item#: WS020RP

Artist: Dean Kennedy
Title: "Seven Hills Chautauqua" 136/1000
Size: 12"X34"
Price: $75
Item#: WS021RP

Artist: Sung Kim
Title: "Covered Bridge in Spring"
Size: 22"X28"
Price: $48
Item#: WS022RP

Artist: Barbara Gelderman Hails
Title: "Boathouse Dawn"
Size: 9.5"x24"
Price: $40
Item#: WS023RP

Artist: Hyun Bo Yoo
Title: "City Water" 213/950
Size: 23.75"x25.25
Price: $90
Item#: WS024RP

Artist: Legai
Title: "Le Mont St. Michel" Signed
Size: 13.5"x16"
Price: $28
Item#: WS025RP

Artist: Richard Henson
Title: "Portland Head"
Size: 16"x20"
Price: $12.50
Item#: WS026RP

Artist: Richard Henson
Title: "Regatta"
Size: 16"x20"
Price: $12.50
Item#: WS027RP

Artist: Sung Kim
Title: "Sandpiper March"
Size: 22"x28"
Price: $33
Item#: WS028RP

Artist: Adriano Galasso
Title: "Spiaggia Al Tramonto"
Size: 23.5"x31.5"
Price: $46
Item#: WS029RP

Artist: William Wyld
Title: "The Carnival Venice"
Size: 26.5"x38"
Price: $45
Item#: WS029RP

Artist: John Stobart
Title: "The Great Western Entering New York Harbor"
Size: 28"x40"
Price: $35
Item#: WS030RP